The Case of the Lost Lincoln Diary Begins

Solve the Fictional Case of the Lost Lincoln Diary

Detective Packets available starting Monday, January 30.

Submit your case findings by Saturday, February 25.

Mohawk Community Library needs your help to catch a thief! The Lincoln Diary has gone missing! As the library prepared for the priceless Lincoln Diary to be on display for President’s Day, it disappeared! 

Stop by the library to pick up your Detective Packet. Adults and kids can work as a team, or sleuth it out individually. New clues will be uncovered every week as you try to solve the mystery of the Lost Lincoln Diary, so be sure to stop by each week to collect your new clues. Bonus clues will be available for detectives who want to put in extra effort. Eliminate the suspects and figure out who would dare steal from our library!

Be sure to submit your findings to MCL by 1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 25. Detectives who solve this fictional mystery correctly will get a chance to win the Mystery Prize Box. The winner will be drawn after February 27.

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